2 New Amazing Services at J.E Spa & Salon!

The first service we want to introduce is our Hair Removal treatment with the R flash hyper. If you have no idea what it is its where you can get high-speed care with a mainstream xenon lamp, LED red light, and the treatment is very easy with a roller for self-care.

It firmly cares for wasteful hair in small areas of concern, with that being not only the arms and legs but also this treatment can be used on the entire body. Hair Removal treatment also has a beautiful skin effect.

The second treatment? Butt (Buttocks, Booty) Treatment! This amazing service can expedite fatty acid, safely and effectively remove excessive fat, reduce weight, treat cellulite and improve buttocks to realize perfect body contour. Those are just a few there are a lot more!

Keep an eye out for more blog posts on these two services individually explaining to you the benefits and other fascinating information.

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